SUNSHINE COAST– We may soon see a rise in the number of motorcycles throughout the Sunshine Coast, but don’t be alarmed, it could very well be the result of a new homegrown feature currently in pre-production right here in Maleny.

Patched is the creation of Colin Dixon, a well known Sunshine Coast local. It tells the cautionary tale of what happens when strict new laws interfere with the day to day running of businesses and disrupt family life. Patched is centered around motorcycle club that runs afoul of the VLAD laws targeting outlaw biker gangs.

Utilizing local talent and attached with some well known national and international actors and locations throughout the Sunshine Coast with a projected shoot schedule of roughly 28 days, Patched gives the region an opportunity to shine and prove it’s worth as viable production location. Highlighting some amazing vistas and local establishments, it will provide many local denizens with the ability to act as extras and generate possible bit or walk on roles.

Dixon conceived the project from real world events. He perceived the VLAD laws as an excessive intrusion into his societal freedoms and is using the medium to convey those sentiments. He’s excited to be able to produce his project so close to home as well because he views the Sunshine Coast as “an under appreciated gem of the Queensland film industry.”

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