Jonty Brown

SUNSHINE COAST – The Sunshine Coast is home to a wide variety of exceptionally talented individuals. One of them actively attempting to create a name for himself in the film industry is fifteen-year-old, Jonty Brown. Brown has cowritten and is attempting to produce a high quality short film entitled, “The Hostage.” His ultimate goal in producing the film is driven by several motivating factors.

He’s seeking to demonstrate that it’s possible to generate a viable film and television industry within his peer group in the area and that other talented youth do not need to leave to the area to ply their trade. Brown says, “I love film making because of the complexity and challenges associated with it and because it requires the necessity of having a wider field of knowledge which really appeals to me. Understanding the bigger picture is the challenge and that’s what excites me.”

The short film centers around a hostage/terrorist situation but ultimately, it’s the exercise of creating a high quality short film that’s underneath the entire project. Brown explains, “producing something that displays the best of people’s talents is what’s driving to me to bring
the project to completion. Ultimately, I want to be able to demonstrate that I and others I’m associating with have the skills to work with the best of the tried and true professionals.”

Brown has set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund his project and is scheduled to work as an intern on the Brisbane Netflix production of “Tidelands.” For more information, please visit