• Actor and Gymnast
  • I’ve been a gymnast my entire life and started acting almost 2 years ago. I feel like acting and gymnastics are extremely similar as they are both skills that you must continue to chip away at and learn from each and every day. I feel like both have gone hand in hand in helping me develop more as a person and as an actor. The feeling of always wanting more and always trying to better myself and my craft drives me every day. I love to learn and I love to perform. I train at Leigh Parker’s acting studio weekly and I feel like acting is that switch that lets me step out of my comfort zone and allow me to be present and enjoy just letting myself be free to do whatever impulse I feel in the moment which is super gratifying. I love the excitement of it all and love being in front of the camera. I’m excited to further my acting experience with a view of having a full time career as a screen actor.
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Sunshine Coast

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