SUNSHINE COAST – Remember when “choose your own adventure” books were all the rage? Various content providers are now developing and bringing back the format for use in television series. It was widely reported that Netflix was developing one back in December of last year, however, there’s one being produced right here on the Sunshine Coast.
SCRAP drama series, the brainchild of Rachel Forsyth, is touted as an “innovative dram series that gives the audience the chance to vote on the plot outcomes of their favourite characters.” Footage was acquired completely in Sunshine Coast locations using primarily local talent and crew. Scheduled for release in July or August, the series has concluded principal production and is currently working its way through the post production process. Forsyth, a local actress and producer, worked tirelessly over the past few months to bring the show to fruition. One of her long term goals is to help generate a viable production industry in the region. Said Forsyth, “The production of SCRAP drama series pilot episode has proved how many people are excited by a film & tv industry being developed here on the Sunshine Coast. This project has brought together businesses and arts, showcasing our region, our talent, our businesses and our products. Its been an amazing project to work on, with so many people coming together to make it happen.”
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